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Know someone who has ovarian or other gynecological cancer, and needs financial assistance, download the financial request form.

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We are a volunteer-based organization, if you would like to get involved email us or call 920.366.4672.

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The Ovarian Cancer Community Outreach program can help your family pass on a legacy of compassion through your Will or Estate.
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About Us

Connie Rutledge, OCCO's founder, was diagnosed with stage IIIC ovarian cancer in January 2007. At the time of her diagnosis Connie, a renowned coach, educator, school administrator and Ph.D candidate, realized that she had “no knowledge” of ovarian cancer. One of the first things Connie learned was that she was not alone in her lack of awareness  of ovarian cancer. The fact is most women are not diagnosed until they are in advanced stages because, like Connie, they had “no knowledge” of the disease and as a result were not aware of the symptoms that could have alerted them to their illness. This lack of awareness has tragic consequences. Even though ovarian cancer accounts for only about three per-cent of cancers in women, it causes more deaths than any other gynecological cancer.

During Connie’s three and one half years of treatment, she became acutely aware of, and profoundly moved by, not only the physical struggles of the women she had come to know, but also the sometimes devastating financial hardship that many of them faced because of their illness. It was during this time that Connie began working with the staff of St. Vincent Hospital’s GYN Oncology Clinic to formulate a process that would provide immediate and direct financial support to women in treatment with need of financial assistance and local research efforts because of the hope that it brings women with ovarian cancer.

During the fall of 2009 Connie, along with family, friends and colleagues, began work on creating a foundation that would promote awareness of ovarian cancer, provide financial support to women in treatment, and funding for Regional Cancer Research Centers. The Ovarian Cancer Community Outreach was formed on March 13, 2010 and on December 28, 2010 was awarded 501(c)(3) status.

With a volunteer board of directors OCCO insures the integrity of your donation, where less than 5% of all revenue is spent on administrative expenses. The funds raised are locally reinvested in our mission of Awareness, Support and Hope.